About Us

Jupiter Jazz is a software design company with main offices in Hong Kong. We develop tools used in VFX and motion graphics. We analyze the industry needs and provide tools that match respecting the canons of simplicity, ease of use and the beauty of design. Our philosophy emerges from the intersection of art, technology, science & beer.

Jupiter Jazz Limited is an independent and privately held company founded by Paolo Berto Durante and Moritz Moeller on March 9th, 2010. Fully bootstrapped, it is based at the gate of Asia in the dystopian city of Hong Kong.

Jupiter Jazz Limited
Room 301–2 3/F, Hang Seng Building
200 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai — Hong Kong

Started on: March 9th, 2010
Company Number: 1427898
Business registration: 51892763–000
Player Office hours After hours
Paolo Berto Durante Director/CEO, Head of Visual Research The Barman
Moritz Moeller Director/CTO The Tango Dancer
Luis B. Barrancos Senior R&D; Shading Engineer The Blade Runner

A Tag

Originally /*jupiter jazz*/ was simply a tag attached to the activities of Paolo in the world of visual research. Then, because of the globe trotting nature of his work, he had the chance to meet a bunch of great people in several production studios and software companies. Most of them had spent a decade or longer in the VFX and R&D; trenches. They all shared the same thoughts on what they wanted to change about how they worked with others and the nature of their work itself. But there is only so much one can achieve as a singular entity...

The Group

...the necessary consequence was to join forces and evolve into a more decentralized and flexible worldwide collective, dubbed "the /*jupiter jazz*/ group", covering much broader areas of knowledge, and avoiding the infamous task, and number one nemesis, of reinventing the wheel™.

This group resulted into an heterogeneous and eclectic collective of individuals, a symbiosis of skill sets in vastly differing domains with complementing backgrounds. Think of it as a crew of specialized artisans in the field of imagery, with ideas, techniques and work-flows that have their roots in high-end VFX and R&D; and whose application on other realms was its main area of interest. As a result we worked faster, better and, more importantly, less! — backed by a lifestyle much more fitting to our freedom-longing souls.

The Company

The next step was to incorporate and start the creation of software tools for the markets where our interests and passions match. Paolo & Moritz founded in 2010 Jupiter Jazz Limited to kickstart the innovative AtomKraft project.


Now Jupiter Jazz Limited synthesizes innovative products that kick ass yet respect the canons of simplicity, ease-of-use and the beauty of design. Our primary focus is film VFX, broadcast visual effects, motion graphics, digital imaging and photography.

Leading this paradigm are our two flagship products, AtomKraft for Nuke and AtomKraft for After Effects.

We sponsored the the appleseed project, led by François Beaune, aims to be the first free, opensource, production renderer.

A sister company, Made on Jupiter, is lead by Tom Kluyskens and focuses on digi-to-real, and mass customization through web-based applications, with the Matter Machine project.

Origins of name and logo

The origin of the Jupiter Jazz name are to be found in episodes 12 & 13 entitled Jupiter Jazz (Part 1 & Part 2) of the superlative Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop by Shinichirō Watanabe.

The naming is often wrapped as C-style multi line comment: /*jupiter jazz*/.

The logo are two J's connected in M.C. Escher style, it was inspired by the great post stamp designs of Oscar Reutersvärd.

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